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Planet Earth

Universe 5 is the mainstreem Alpha Team universe that has the main story and main charecters of the series.


Begining of Time:    In the begining the swirling void of Chaos was all that there was. Untill the Cosmic Being Thesis came into existance along with his brother Chronos. Both Chronos and Thesis shaped the world into Space-Time. Then they formed the first 5 Protogenoi. Gaia, Eros, Ourea Tartaros, Nyx, and Erebos. They were the oldest beings there. They then mated to form the next and final Protogenoi. Gaia mated with Eros to create Ouranos and mated with Tartaros to create Pontos.  Nyx and Erebos mated to create Hemera, Aither and Charon. There were also the Fates who existed alongside the Protogenoi. 

Pre Titan Era:        Each of the Protogenoi became one by merging with Gaia to form a world where they all co exist. Gaia became the Earth, Ourea became the hills, Nyx became Night, Erebos became Darkness, Eros became Love, Tartaros became the Underworld, Ouranos became the Sky, Pontos became the Oceans,, Hemera became the Day, Aither became Light, and Charon became the gateway from Earth to Underworld. Gaia and Ouranos became in love with each other and Gaia wanted children. He also created an extrmely powerful race on the moons of Uranus. However the Fates told Ouranos that he would be dethroned by one  of his children. However his sexual desires led him into having Children with Gaia. The first one were the Hundred Handed ones. The next were the race of cyclops. Finaly he had the first Titans. He threw all of them into Tartaros where they could not dethrone him.  However Tartaros disliked the titans being inside him along with all the other ones and allowed Gaia to enter him and speak with them. She gave the eldest Titan, Kronos a scythe to destroy his father with. He does so escaping Tartaros and making his way to the sky were he destryoes his fahter sending all of his body parts  acroos the planet including his genetals to the ocean. Gaia was revlived her husband was gone and wanted the Titans to free there siblings, they refused thinking they would start a civil war. 

Golden Era/Titan Era:     The 12 titans ruled on Mount Orthys. The 12 titans were Mnemosyne, Kronos, Rhea, Hyperion, Theia, Themis, Iapetos, Koios, Phobie, Okeanos, Thetys and Krios. They were all united under Kronos who led the charge against there father so was made king of the titans. The first thing the titans did was make a race of huminoids to inhabit the planet. They created the Golden Men who were perfect in neaerly all ways and where the crowning jewl of the titans rule. They made the planet beter for all and helped everything in general. He next made a race of beings on the moons of the planet Saturn. However Kronos was fortold by the fates that his children would dethrone him. After that, he told his wife that he would devour each one of his children after they were born. The first five children were eaten but his wife Rhea had made her mind to not let her final son, Zues be killed. She made a deal with Gaia to have him moved away. She took a bunch of peicses of cloth and wraped them around a stone. Kronos ate them thinking he had beaten fate. 

The First Great War:      After Zeus had escaped his fathers wrath, he was taken to a cave on the Moutain Dicte which was hidden from Kronos with powerful magic. He was raised by the divine goat Amaltheia who made Zeus become more powerful than he could have ever on his own. When he matured he left the cave and set out a plan to dethrone his father with his grandmother Gaea helping him the entire time. He decided to first seek the aid of Prometheus who agreed to help Zeus since Kronos was slowly loosing his sanity. Together they set free the Cyclopses and the Hundred Handed Ones. He than used a disguese along with magic to infultrate Mount Orthys. He gave his father a poised that made him regergitate his siblings. They all banded together and with Prometheus, the cyclopses and the hundred handed ones declared war on their elders. They narowly win and climb up Mount Olympus to make their kingdom. They imprision most of the titans to Tartaros, make the titan Atlas hold up the corpse of Ouranos since the spell holding him was now broken. 3 Titans however stayed on Olympus. Rhea mother of the gods, Prometheus the one who made the war winnabel and Epimetheus the brother of Promethues.