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Dracula's Symbol

This is the universe where the vampire family rules with no rivals. It shared the same outcome of the battle with the sorceres and demon king. However unlike the main universe, War refused to give any DNA to speed up the healing prosces. As the sorceres were made into undead vampires, they set out to resurect the original vampire family. They ran into a fully recovered War and had a lengthy battle with him, ending up in a stalemate and both sides retreting. After a while the vampire sorceres had resurected the vampire family. Unlike the main universe the family did not consume the sorceres, but simply destroyed them. They than read their minds to find the spells needed to defeate the gods. War now was after the sorceres but ran into the vampire family. He was quickly overpowerd and consumed by them. They than immprisond the gods and drained them off their power. The members of Alpha Team were moved into the underworld right after War was killed so they could come back later. Hades, asured that they would be recovered by the next day, went to Olympus to fight the vampires. He was also quickly overpowerd and immprisoned. After the members of Alpha Team awakend they had no idea what was going on. They went to Olympus not knowing the powers that the vampires had, or that they were even there. They were all consumed and the vampires had dominice over the planet. They consumed all humans and made the earth go into an eternal night. The other planets were not consumed for the vampires had no intrest in them. After the multiverse tournament though, they quickly consumed the entire solar system. Destroying the sun completly. 

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