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Welcome to the Alpha Team Multiverse Wiki[]

Explore the vast Multiverse of Alpha Team and their many challenges and adventures.

What is Alpha Team?[]

Alpha Team is a Greek Mythology fiction set in the modern day. It is inspired by the Percy Jackson series and Dragon Ball z/gt. The two authors are Gamerfreak1313 and DBZOBSETION. It was originally drafted as the authors and their friends in the Percy Jackson universe and was drafted in 2009/2010. It took on many different names and characters but it was eventually settled to the current Alpha Team. However the author Gamerfeak1313 had started researching random science facts and he eventually stumbled on the multiverse theory. The theory states that there are an infinite number of parallel universes and he thought that it would be cool to add this idea to Alpha Team. This let the authors create so many new stories with the charecters.

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